Kevin and CC are scuba divers.

Gilbo Grindz was conceived during the summer of 2022 after the stark realization that there were no good snacks to be had after diving. Kevin became the star of many people’s mornings with his pot of fresh Hawaiian coffee. CC researched the health codes, priced out a trailer, and scratched out a basic menu. The little red “GG” wagon has a home at Gilboa Quarry this summer of 2023. After a hard cold day of diving, come get a nice grilled cheese and a cup of soup, snacks are important.

Why a rabbit?

There are a few reasons the sigil for Gilbo Grindz is an adorable bunny. If you are quiet enough, you may realize the abundance of wildlife at the Gilboa Quarry including the cute little bun-buns! Cosmically, 2023 is the year of the rabbit. And, if that wasn’t enough, CC grew up on Rabbit Island.

Did you forget that “a” in Gilboa?

Not a typo. Gilbo Grinds of Gilboa Ohio. Wherever you go, respect the locals. After hearing them lovingly refer to their hometown as “Gilbo” we wanted to pay homage to this sweet little town. At Gilbo Grindz we want our food to warm you as the kindness of this town has warmed our hearts. (Please don’t burn yourself!)

Why don’t you serve XYZ?

This is a 6’x10′ trailer that operates according to local jurisdiction. Doing things like cooking raw meat, serving shellfish, and having an open flame, require a lot more infrastructure than we are willing to invest. And we won’t serve food we think is garbage, so NO MICROWAVE. Also, liquor licenses are crazy expensive and the drunks are not worth it.